Hero Pit Bull Saves Woman’s Life

Pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation as savage, bloodthirsty monsters that enjoy eating children and fighting other dogs to the death. Luckily, the breed is getting a leg up thanks to one heroic Gwinnett County pooch who saved a human’s life instead of ending it.

Bruce, who is named after Batman’s secret identity, began annoying his owner Abby Leathers on Feb. 6 by scratching at the door and whining loudly enough to get her attention, according to WSB TV. When Leathers opened the front door to let Bruce out, he made a beeline towards a nearby pond, where Leathers and Bruce discovered a scared woman standing in the water.

The woman tried to communicate with Leathers but she could not speak English. Leathers later learned the woman was speaking Amharic, a dialect of Ethiopian. “Bruce was praetorian in his watch,” Leathers later wrote on her Instagram.

Leathers gave the woman towels and clothing and alerted authorities. Soon, police and paramedics were on the scene caring for the woman. The woman’s family arrived shortly after and identified her.

“Bruce saved a lady’s life today,” Leathers wrote on Instagram. “He really is a wonder dog.”